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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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7:00am - 8:00am

Case Presentations

8:00am - 9:45am

Plenary V: Cutting Edge/Emerging

Session Abstract

  • CGRP, Monoclonal Antibodies and Small Molecules (-gepants) - Hans-Christoph Diener, MD, PhD
  • Neuromodulation - Peter J. Goadsby, MD, PhD, FAHS
  • Neuopharmacology - Stephen D. Silberstein, MD, FAHS

10:00am - 11:15am

Plenary VI: Chronic Migraine

Session Abstract

  • Pathophysiology of Chronic Migraine - Todd J. Schwedt, MD, MSCI, FAHS
  • Cases and Protocol - Stephanie J. Nahas, MD, FAHS and Abraham Jim Nagy, MD, FAHS 

11:15am - 12:00pm

Plenary VIII: The Best and Most Interesting Research from the Last Year

Session Abstract

1:30pm - 3:15pm

Concurrent Sessions

CS1: Injection Training

CS2: Women's Issues

Session Abstract

CS3: Basic Science in Headache Medicine

Session Abstract

  • Spreading Depolarization - Simon Akerman, PhD, FAHS
  • Preclinical Insights into Mechanisms of Medication Overuse Headache - Frank Porreca, PhD, FAHS
  • Obesity - Ana Recober, MD, FAHS 
  • Imaging and Headache - Catherine Chong, PhD 

3:30pm - 5:00pm

CS4: Wellness

Session Abstract

CS5: Research Methodology and Publication

Session Abstract

CS6: Traumatic Brain Injury

Session Abstract

Please note not all materials may be available or authorized for release for all sessions.

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