Thursday, June 28, 2018
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8:00am - 10:30am

Pre-Meeting/Special Interest Section Courses

Course I: Innovations and Lessons Learned from Current Behavioral Headache Research

Session Abstract

  • New Evidence in Medication Overuse Headache - Frank Andrasik, PhD
    • Presentation Slides
  • Clinical Trials in Pediatric Headache Medicine - Scott Powers, PhD
    • Presentation Slides
  • Mindfulness for Migraine: Recent Clinical Trial Evidence - Elizabeth K. Seng, PhD

Course II: Navigating Integrative Medicine Approaches with Patients Based on Evidence

Session Abstract

Course III: A Practical Approach to Procedures in Headache Medicine: A Review of Current Evidence and Cases in Clinical Practice

Session Abstract

  • Anatomy and Mechanisms of Procedures - Carrie Beth Robertson, MD, FAHS
  • Evidence for Procedures - Matthew Robbins, MD, FAHS
  • Performing Procedures in the Clinic - Andrew Blumenfeld, MD
  • Procedures in Special Populations (Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Geriatrics) with Cases - Christina Szperka, MD
    • Presentation Slides
  • Case-based Billing and Coding - Jessica Ailani, MD, FAHS

Course IV: UCNS Review Course

Session Abstract

  • Introduction to UCNS - Noah Rosen, MD, FAHS
    • Presentation Slides
  • Introduction to ICHD3 - Morris Levin, MD, FAHS
  • Secondary Headaches - Noah Rosen, MD, FAHS
    • Presentation Slides
  • TACs - Rashmi Halker, MD, FAHS
  • Headache Epidemiology, Pathophysiology & Genetics - Andrew C. Charles, MD, FAHS
  • Migraine Treatment -Rashmi B. Halker, MD, FAHS
  • Headache in Special Populations: Children/Adolescents, Pregnancy/Lactation and the Elderly - Lauren Doyle Strauss, DO
  • High Yield Images - Stephanie Nahas, MD, FAHS

10:30am - 12:30pm

Pan-American/Asian Symposium

Session Abstract

  • Prediction of Migraine Attack by Resting EEG - Dr. Kuan-Lin Lai
  • Headache and Migraine in Parkinson’s Disease - Dr. Keisuke Suzuki
  • Short Sleep Duration and Poor Sleep Quality Among Migraineurs - Dr. Tae-Jin Song
  • Cognitive Impairment of Patients with Chronic Migraine does not depend on the use of Topiramate or Comorbidities - Dr. Karen dos Santos Ferreira
  • Allodynia in Menstrually Related Migraine - Dr. Eliana Meire Melhado
  • Clomiphene Treatment May Be Effective in Refractory Episodic and Chronic Cluster Headache - Dr. Maria Eduarda Nobre

2:45pm - 4:30pm

Symposium in Honor of Neil H. Raskin, MD, FAHS

Session Abstract

  • Channelopathies - Louis Ptacek, MD
  • Clinical Contributions of Neil H. RaskinPeter J. Goadsby, MD, PhD, FAHS
    • Presentation Slides
  • UCSF – The Next Generation - Amy Gelfand, MD, FAHS
    • Presentation Slides

Please note not all materials may be available or authorized for release for all sessions.

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